• Ashley Annakie

Look Who's Back

This German Satirical film features a couple laughs as it places Hitler in 2014. With outrage of what's going on in the world, Hitler journey's to reclaim his spot in politics and world domination. Overall, one of the most impactful scenes had to be the ending. Hitler was elected into power by the German people. In the 1920s-1930s there were people who believed what Hitler stood for and wanted to implement. Currently, those who harbor values and a mindset like that are of a minority, because of politics and propaganda, they do have control. People with negative ideologies akin to Hitler's have risen through politics in other means and through influence, lobbying, and corruption. The same path is currently happening in our own government and should be recognized. Hitler took years and had a back history to prove. #44 does as well. Despite preaching horrendous values that scared Americans, a history of sexual assault, fraud, corruption, non-payment of employees, and more, this man was still elected into presidency despite clearly opposing the values of the people and country. People constantly wonder how he was elected. This was comparable in when Hitler said that he was in every German person. There is a connection that everyone has with their leaders, both past and present. Currently, a connection is, did you vote in the 2016 election? Another example of this is spreading misinformation and fact checking what is being read. This movie can truly make many current parallels to the American regime.

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